How to setup your Erg 

Time-Team software is designed to be used with Concept2 ergs and makes e-racing possible with live tracking, visualisation, and real-time data feeds. Please read the QuickStart & Troubleshooting Guide and refer to email sent with registration links and setup instructions.

Supported Computer Platforms

The Time Team Homerace software requires the use of the Chrome browser on a MacOS, Windows, or Chromebook.

Schedules and Results 

For entries, results and live viewing go to Time-Team or follow one of these direct links

Watch Live Racing Saturday March 27, 9am to 3:30pm PDT

Engage in Social Media @crewclassic #CrewClassic2021

Didn’t find what you were looking for or need additional help?

The Crew Classic has live online help via Discord at the chat room will be staffed from 8am to 4pm PDT on Saturday March 27.

The 2021 regatta is going virtual!

Lots of racing. Lots of fun.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s regatta will be virtual with live team racing on ergs as well as on the water racing for boats that are eligible.

Register here on Regatta Central.


What races will be on the erg?
All of the usual races for youth, collegiate, masters, and para will race on ergs as team boats, 8s and 4s, with the exception of the Copley Cup and the Jessop-Whittier Cup which will be on the water, on their home course, by invitation only.

What is on the water?
All the same events will have an option to submit a score that has been raced on a crew’s home water as 2 x 1500m for collegiate and 2 x 1250m for all other events, in opposite directions.  E.g., a team rows their first piece downstream, then turns around and within five minutes begins their second piece upstream.

On the water racing will be done via GPS from March 19-26, 2021.

How will races be run?
Ergometer racing will be held on Saturday March 27, 2021 and managed by Time Team based on the schedule that will be posted on Regatta Central.

How do we win a trophy?
Your team wins their erg race over 2000m. The exceptions are the Copley Cup and Jessop-Whittier which will only be run on the water, on their home course, by invitation only.

Do we get anything else if we win?
Yes, you will be the #1 seed at the 2022 regatta.

Do all of our athletes need to be in the same place to participate in the ergometer team racing?
No, they do not. They simply need an internet connection, a Concept2 ergometer, PM3, PM4 or PM5, a computer, and a cable from the erg to the computer. No dynamic ergs or sliders.

Can we watch the racing?
Yes! The event will be professionally broadcast with announcers, interviews, commercials from our vendors and giveaways for the audience. Races will be live streamed across our social media channels: YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Where do we find all of the other details?
See Rules of Racing below and Regatta Central.


The San Diego Crew Classic reserves the right to modify events as necessary.



  • Copley Cup – By Invitation Only – On The Water Only
  • Varsity (ASH Cup)
  • Lightweight
  • 2V (must enter and race a Varsity event)
  • 3V (must enter and race a Varsity and 2V event)
  • Novice
  • Novice B 


  • Jessop-Whittier Cup – By Invitation Only – On The Water Only
  • Varsity (Cal Cup)
  • Varsity 4+ (must enter and race Varsity and 2V events)
  • Varsity B 4+
  • Lightweight
  • 2V (must enter and race Varsity event)
  • Novice
  • DII/DIII/Club
  • DII/DIII/Club Novice
  • DII/DIII/Club 4+ (must enter and race the Varsity DII/III/Club 8+ event)

Lightweight rowers – weigh-ins are on the honor system.

  • Collegiate men:       160 lbs max
  • Collegiate women: 130 lbs max



  • Varsity
  • Junior Varsity (Must enter and race Varsity Event)
  • Novice
  • Lightweight


  • Varsity
  • Junior Varsity (Must enter and race Varsity Event)
  • Novice
  • Lightweight


  • A high school/ junior rower may only compete in one event.
  • A high school/junior is 18 or younger on December 31, 2021 or enrolled as a full-time high school student on the day of the Regatta.
  • Lightweight rowers – weigh-ins are on the honor system.
    Junior men: 150 lbs max.
    Women:        130 lbs max.



  • Open Men
  • Open Women


  • Open to all except high school / Juniors.
  • There are no handicaps.


  • Alumni Men
  • Alumni Women


  • In Alumni events, each athlete must be an alumnus of the represented college or university.

MASTERS EVENTS – average age categories


  • A (27-35)
  • B (36-42)
  • C (43-49)
  • D (50-54)
  • E (55-59)
  • F (60-64)
  • G (65-69)
  • H (70-74) 
  • Club Championship (21+, age handicapped)


  • A (27-35)
  • B (36-42)
  • C (43-49)
  • D (50-54)
  • E (55-59)
  • F (60-64)
  • G (65-69)
  • H (70-74) 
  • Club Championship 8+ (21+, age handicapped)


The San Diego Crew Classic is a proud supporter of Freedom Rows and Para Rowing.


Trophies will be awarded virtually to the winner of each event.



Eights: $160
Fours: $95


Eights: $100
Fours: $75


Event Day Details

Coming soon