Crew Classic March 26 & 27, 2022

Registration – 2022 TBD

Deadlines and Due Dates


T– Shirt Order




The entry fee are due at the time the entry is submitted at Regatta Central for each boat entered in each event, with the exception of the individual boats entered in the Copley and Jessop-Whittier varsity invitational events. All other entries from a Copley-entered or Jessop-Whittier-entered institution are subject to the entry fee.

Entry Fees:

  • $tbd per 8+

  • $tbd per 4+ 

Entries are not processed as final until all fees have been received.
There are no refunds.

Instructions for Adding or Editing a Line-Up:

  1. Go to and Login
  2. Locate the ‘Regatta Calendar & Entries’ box on the left-hand side of the page. Click the ‘my entries’ located under the San Diego Crew Classic
  3. Click the ‘edit’ link to the right of the entry
  4. Select an athlete for each seat. Note: Start typing a name to search your team’s roster. If the athlete is not found, you can create a new record.
  5. When the line-up is complete, click the ‘Save’ button


  • LATE ENTRY PENALTIES: A “late entry” is any entry submitted, or fees received, after January 29. A $90.00 fee will be charged to all late entries and late payments.
  • SCRATCH PENALTIES: Failure to scratch an entry by March 1st will jeopardize future entries and other entries in the regatta from the same program. Please submit all scratches by e-mail to
  • REFUNDS: There are no refunds except if a race is cancelled by the organizing committee.
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