Weight Requirements

WEIGH IN SCHEDULE – Cancelled, NO weigh-ins for 2022

All coxswains and rowers must weigh in before their first event.
All coxswains and rowers only have to weigh in once.
Alumni/Masters coxswains must officially weigh in, there is no exception to this. 


Coxswain weigh in:
All coxswains must weigh in BEFORE their first race.


Collegiate Lightweight weigh in:

Cancelled but spot checks are allowed at referee’s discretion.

High School Lightweight Men and Women weigh in:



The following weight limits are in conformity with USRowing Rules and are for each athlete.  No weight averaging. 



Collegiate: 160lbs max.


Collegiate: 130lbs max.

COXSWAINS – Weigh-ins Cancelled for 2022

The following are the minimum weight requirements for the coxswains of men’s and women’s crews:






125lbs min.

All Others


120lbs min.


110lbs min.

*collegiate men’s events deviates from USRowing Rules



* All events with 1-7 entries will be one prelim for seeding, one grand final, unless the event is marked on the schedule as Final Only.
Lane Draws will be published one week before the regatta.

All races are 8+ unless otherwise noted.

Rules and Regulations

Events and Description: The San Diego Crew Classic reserves the right to modify events as necessary.


Collegiate Men

  • Copley Cup – By Invitation Only
  • Varsity (ASH Cup)
  • Lightweight
  • 2V (must enter and race a Varsity event)
  • 3V (must enter and race a Varsity and 2V event)
  • Novice
  • Novice B (final only)

Collegiate Women

  • Jessop-Whittier Cup – By Invitation Only
  • Varsity (Cal Cup)
  • Varsity 4+ (must enter and race Varsity and 2V events)
  • Varsity B 4+
  • Lightweight
  • 2V (must enter and race Varsity event)
  • Novice
  • DII/DIII/Club
  • DII/DIII/Club Novice
  • DII/DIII/Club 4+ (must enter and race the Varsity DII/III/Club 8+ event)


  • A collegiate rower may only compete in one collegiate event but may double up in an Open event.
  • DII/DIII/Club events are for DII/DIII/Club programs only.
  • DII/DIII/Club boats may race in either DI or DII/DIII/Club, but not both.
  • Collegiate athletes must meet NCAA eligibility requirements.
  • If you are participating in the Invitation Only Copley Cup you may not submit an entry in the ASH Men’s Cup.
  • If you are participating in the Invitation Only Jessop-Whittier Cup you may not submit an entry in the Women’s Cal Cup.
  • Second entries are accepted, space permitting.  A second entry will be waitlisted until the close of Standard Registration. Once Standard Registration has ended, entries will be taken from the waitlist to fill the available spaces.
  • Collegiate Novice events are open to rowers and coxswains as defined by their university or college’s NGB for rowing.


High School Boys

  • Youth
  • Youth B
  • U17
  • U16

High School Girls

  • Youth
  • Youth B
  • U17
  • U16


  • A high school/ junior rower may only compete in one event.
  • A high school/junior is 19 or younger on December 31, year of the regatta or enrolled as a full-time high school student on the day of the Regatta.
  • Youth events age categories are as defined by USRowing.


  • Open Men
  • Open Women
  • Alumni Men
  • Alumni Women


  • Open to all except high school/ Juniors.
  • There are no handicaps.
  • In Alumni events, each athlete including the coxswain must be an alumnus of the represented college or university.


Men’s Masters

  • A (27-35)
  • B (36-42)
  • C (43-49)
  • D (50-54)
  • E (55-59)
  • F (60-64), G(65-69), H(70-74) + Race will not be age handicapped
  • Club Championship (21+, age handicapped)

Women’s Masters

  • A (27-35)
  • B (36-42)
  • C (43-49)
  • D (50-54)
  • E (55-59)
  • F (60-64), G(65-69), H(70-74) + Race will not be age handicapped
  • Club Championship 8+ (21+, age handicapped)


  • Competitors in Master’s events must be 21 or older as of December 31 of prior race year.
  • Age is average age of all athletes (except coxswain) rounded down.
  • Masters events will be finals only except the Club events.
  • “Club” shall mean any entity recognized by USRowing as an organizational member that operates or sponsors a rowing program.
  • Only Competitors who are bona fide members of a Club shall be entered by that Club, except that a composite Crew may be entered by any of the Clubs to which one of the Competitors in the Crew belongs.
  • A Competitor shall represent only one Club at a Regatta. 
  • Composite Crews: Composite Crews are those that include Competitors from more than one Club and/or Unaffiliated Competitors. Such Crews shall be ineligible to receive points or other scores used to determine Team trophies or awards. Once a Crew has been entered as a composite Crew, it shall remain so, regardless of subsequent substitutions.


The San Diego Crew Classic is a proud supporter of Freedom Rows and Para Rowing.


First Place will be awarded in each race.


All competitors are expected to adhere to the USRowing Rules as amended by the San Diego Crew Classic, Inc.

  • All boats are stored off trailers on grass.
  • Launch and land from the sandy beach.
  • Boats may not leave the launch area without a coxswain.
  • All boats must pass inspection and have CrewClassic inspection sticker visible.
  • Coxswains may compete in multiple events, however races will not be delayed or rescheduled to accommodate coxswains.
  • Some events may have seven lanes and multiple heats.  If there are two heats progression to grand final will be places 1 through 3 in each heat. If there are three heats progression to grand final be places 1 and 2 in each heat.
  • USROWING RULES OF RACING, as modified by Crew Classic documents, will be in force.  Please note that electronic media-based testimony from other than Regatta approved devices will not be accepted in any Jury hearing.

Coaches and Coxswains Meeting – 5pm on Friday

Mandatory Coaches and Coxswains Meeting

  • Friday April 3rd, 5pm. THERE IS ONLY ONE MEETING. Attendance of coaches and coxswains is MANDATORY
  • A brief Coxswain’s Orientation covering alignment procedures will be conducted immediately following.

Eligibility Certification Forms


Instructions for completing your waivers:

USRowing Membership Requirements
The San Diego Crew Classic is a USRowing registered regatta.

U.S. based Organizations:
All U.S. based organizations must hold active organizational membership with USRowing.

Organizational membership can be renewed at https://membership.usrowing.org/organization/index. Contact USRowing Member Services at (609) 751-0706 or organizations@usrowing.org for assistance.

For more information about organizational membership with USRowing, visit the Become an Organizational Member page under the Members heading on our website at https://usrowing.org.

Individual Competitors:
Individual competitors representing U.S. based organizational members of USRowing and Unaffiliated U.S. based competitors must hold at least a Basic Membership and have a current waiver on file to compete in this regatta.

Individual competitors can join USRowing at https://membership.usrowing.org/individual/join or by calling the USRowing Member Services Department at (609) 751-0700.

Competitors who need to renew an expired membership can log in to their member profile at https://membership.usrowing.org/individual/login.

For more information about individual membership with USRowing, visit the Become an Individual Member page under the Members heading on our website at https://usrowing.org.

Memberships should be handled prior to arriving at the regatta. A current listing of your athletes, their member numbers, and expiration dates can be found on your online team roster through the membership portal at https://membership.usrowing.org.

International Competitors:
International competitors can join USRowing as Basic – International members at no cost but it is not required. International competitors that have not joined as Basic – International members will be asked to sign a paper copy of the USRowing Waiver in order to participate. International competitors representing a U.S. based organization must comply with the Individual Competitor requirements above.


The SDCC is requiring that line-ups be submitted online through RegattaCentral for the regatta. Entries may be saved initially without a line-up, but please be prepared to submit a final line-up.


  • Collegiate institutions must formally certify the NCAA eligibility of their student athletes to compete in collegiate events. The signature of the university’s athletic director or appropriate official on each page of a hard copy of the Lineup Form is required for certification.  This form is submitted at Check-in.


  • “Club” shall mean any entity recognized by USRowing as an organizational member that operates or sponsors a rowing program.
  • Only Competitors who are bona fide members of a Club shall be entered by that Club, except that a composite Crew may be entered by any of the Clubs to which one of the Competitors in the Crew belongs.
  • A Competitor shall represent only one Club at a Regatta. 
  • Composite Crews: Composite Crews are those that include Competitors from more than one Club and/or Unaffiliated Competitors. Such Crews shall be ineligible to receive points or other scores used to determine Team trophies or awards. Once a Crew has been entered as a composite Crew, it shall remain so, regardless of subsequent substitutions.


Boat Line-up Form to submit line-up and certification of eligibility.  The form must be submitted on Regatta Central.

Waiver information will become available closer to the regatta.

All Masters and Juniors must complete birth date and age information.

Coxswains Checklist

Download Coxswains Checklist PDF

  1. Be sure that your shell is ready in all ways to race. Check rigging, steering system, and sound system components well before time to launch. Check that heel tie-downs and bow balls conform to US Rowing rules, they will be checked. Shells that do not conform will not be allowed to race. Plan on being underway at least 45 minutes before your start time.
  2. Make sure to weigh in at Registration.
  3. Before leaving shore
    • Make sure all equipment is in good working order.
    • Have correct bow lane # on the shell.
    • Obtain the event/lane stickers for your race from the Beachmaster
    • Put the stickers on the sides of the shell at the coxswain’s seat. (Be sure the shell is dry before trying to stick the stickers!)
  4. MAKE SURE THE WATER IS DEEP ENOUGH WHEN LAUNCHING. You don’t want to damage your skeg or rudder.
  5. LOOK before launching! Do not pull away from the beach in front of a race! Row clear of the course run-out area before tying in.
  6. Proceed east around the far side of the island at the finish line. Turn southeast and head for the far (East) side of the island with the “bowling pin”. Turn south and head for the Check-in boat with the large yellow flag.
  7. As you pass the stern of the check-in boat, clearly identify your crew, event number and lane number, and receive acknowledgement.
  8. WARM-UP AREA Proceed into South Pacific Passage (Sea World Channel) and warm up clockwise around the buoys there.
  9. You may move into the “on-deck” area when the race preceding yours has loaded into the stakeboats. The “on deck” area is bounded by four round red buoys. The Starter’s platform will display the number of the race that is being loaded/started.
  10. When the race preceding yours has started and cleared 100 meters, you may row onto the course and back into your stakeboat. Please try to proceed in lane number order out of the on-deck area (Lane 1 first, etc.), but don’t wait for a laggard. The rules of rowing require you to be locked on to your stakeboat 2 minutes before your race start time.
  11. STARTS For 2000-meter races, there will be stake boats for starts. Crosswind with tidal current is possible. Be skilled in sculling the bow into position as stake boat personnel cannot hold the sterns of boats maneuvered into position by taking a stroke.

NOTE: If you have breakage after launching, and rowing will not cause further damage, continue to the check-in boat and report the problem there. The check-in boat can relay the problem to your coach/rigger and tools/parts can be brought there quickly. If you have a serious problem and cannot continue to row, make a signal (waving clothing, yelling), so that we can send assistance.

Practice, Race Map and Safety Rules

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the racecourse will be in place by Thursday.

During the week before the Crew Classic stay clear of motorboats installing the course and refer to the published traffic pattern available on our website.

On the weekend, the course will be available for practice on Saturday evening from one half-hour after racing to one half-hour after sunset.

Traffic Pattern Each crew is responsible for obeying all publicly posted or provided traffic patterns for this event. Coxswains should carry a copy of the Mission Bay Traffic Pattern Map for the Crew Classic, available on our website.

Saturday and Sunday Mornings No course practice Saturday morning, Sunday morning or Sunday evening. At these times and during racing, crews may practice in North Pacific Passage. Shells returning to San Diego boathouses or practicing elsewhere are subject to traffic control during racing and must have an escort to cross the course. The Beachmaster will have updated information, and all crews practicing during racing should check out with the Beachmaster.

When is the bay “closed”? It must be clearly understood that only the Fiesta Bay portion of Mission Bay is under the control of the San Diego Crew Classic and only from 6 am to 7 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Crews are responsible for their own actions or omissions and must be alert to general boat traffic at all times.

Safety Each crew must adhere to all water safety laws and safety practices. Flagrant safety violations will jeopardize a crew’s chance to participate in the Regatta. Rowing against the traffic pattern, disobeying directions of course monitors and practicing on the racecourse one half-hour after sunset are considered flagrant safety violations.

Important Must Read for all Coaches, Coxswains, and Rowers:

  1. Launch at least 30 minutes before race time.
  2. Keep to the left of Crescent and Bowling Pin Islands. Stay to the right of buoys marking the Wildlife Refuge and Shallow Areas.
  3. As you pass the stern of the check-in boat, clearly identify your crew, event number and lane number, and receive acknowledgement.
  4. Continue and turn left into the warm-up area. Stay left of the buoys. Do not row past the line of buoys with red flags.

You may move into the “On Deck” area when the race preceding yours has loaded into the Stake Boats.  The “On Deck” area is marked by four round red buoys.

Important Must Read for all Coaches, Coxswains, and Rowers:

  1. Traffic through the Long Bridge (A) moves West to East Only
  2. Traffic through the Short Bridge (B) moves East to West Only
  3. Traffic pattern begins Monday of race week at 4 a.m. and ends after the last Crew Classic event on Sunday.
  4. Mind the Do Not Enter Areas and use caution in Heavy Traffic areas (Start/Finish Lines, Launch/Land Area, and when crossing the course toward the Short Bridge)

Event Day Details



12:00 pm-6:00 pm


9:00 am-6:00 pm


6:30 am-5:30 pm


6:30 am to the close of competition

Street Address of Event:

3699 Crown Point Drive
San Diego, CA 92109


Each crew will receive a limited number of parking passes (one per boat). We distribute many more passes than there are parking spaces, so PLEASE USE PARKING PASSES AND CAR POOLS AS EFFICIENTLY AS POSSIBLE. To help relieve the limited parking at Crown Point, there will be free parking with free shuttle service at Ski Beach on Vacation Island. It is reached by going south on Ingraham Street and turning east at the next light. Shuttle service runs between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Saturday and 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Taking Photos

While in the fenced area, all video, audio and photos may be recorded for personal use only. All other uses are reserved. No personal drone use will be permitted on the grounds during the event.


Concessions will be available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Check back for details. Coffee will be available early each morning.

What to Bring

Bring sunscreen, a hat, a jacket, and a beach chair or blanket to sit on the sand, or the grass to watch the racing. Bring an ID if you wish to visit the Beer Garden. Entry is $15 per adult, under 12, students with ID, and military are free. Bring your binoculars, your friends, and your club, school, and team spirit to cheer for the athletes. Umbrellas cannot be staked into the ground.

Boat Storage, Trailer Parking, and Launching

Boat Storage

ALL SHELLS MUST BE LOCATED AS DESIGNATED ON THE Beach Map and Crew Locator (alpha and area) when they become available in March. Our beaches are filled to capacity. Everyone’s cooperation is needed for smooth operations. The map is meant to be a guide only. Place your boats within the designated area marked on the grass.

All shells are stored in and launched from the Regatta site during the Regatta and are not stored on trailers. Shells should be in place no later than noon on Friday to aid inspections (see below), which will occur all day.

The map shows the general area where your shells are to be placed.

When you arrive, you will find each area is on grass, clearly marked with the letter you see on the map, and outlined in chalk.

You may put your shells ONLY within your assigned chalked area, PARALLEL to the lines separating one area from another. Please note that some are on the diagonal compared to adjacent paved areas.

North Areas, near the Dirt Lot Trailer Parking, are on an extreme diagonal with an access aisle down the middle separating them.

Bay Side Areas, on the bay side of the walkway and south of the Sheltered Picnic Area are tandem with shells one behind the other.

Please respect others by not obstructing the access aisles or rigging/unrigging in an interfering area or manner.


  • Beachmasters/Race Officials will inspect for condition and USRowing release/coxswain requirements before the Regatta. This includes placing a colored dot on the stern deck. Do not remove this mark before the shell’s last race.
  • It is incumbent on all participating organizations to ensure that all equipment used in the regatta is in full compliance with USRowing Rules and prevailing safety standards.
  • Ensure that older equipment used during the Regatta is in good repair before its arrival in San Diego.
  • Any shell in such disrepair is likely to sustain breakage under stress WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RACE.


  • Slings, racks and bow balls are not provided.
  • No shells will be allowed to race without bow ball and bow number.

Trailer Parking and Directions


Please make trailer drivers and crews aware of parking plans and locked gates. We are short of space. Help Regatta efficiency and access to your trailer by parking within lined spaces or as indicated by Regatta personnel.

  • Do not plan to deliver your trailer to the Park before Wednesday, except during daylight hours. There are gates that are locked overnight. Limited security begins at 5:00 pm Wednesday.
  • No cars or vans in the Trailer Lot throughout the week.  After parking trailers, vehicles are required to disconnect and, during the week, use only paved parking lots.
  • On Saturday and Sunday the trailer area gates will not be staffed for repeat entry/exit by towing vehicles. If these vehicles are to be used for transportation around town, they will need a vehicle pass and must be parked in the Crew Parking Lot.



From I-5, Southbound 
Take the Balboa and Garnet Exit. Go right (west) on Garnet Street to a Y junction and stay left onto Balboa. Where Balboa merges with Grand Avenue, turn left onto Lamont Street. Go straight (south) on Lamont Street to the “Yield” sign at Crown Point Drive. Go straight ahead; trailer parking is down the hill in a dirt lot on your left or, if directed, on the closed portion of Corona Oriente. Please park carefully.

From I-5 Northbound
Exit I-5 at Grand and Garnet. Turn left (west) at the first left (Grand), then left on Lamont Street and straight ahead to the “Yield” sign at Crown Point Drive. Crew cars, vans and shell trailers go straight ahead; trailer parking is down the hill as described above. Crew buses must use southernmost entrance to the park, at Crown Point Drive and Corona Oriente.

From Interstate 8 Westbound
(This apparent detour makes your drive much easier, if you chose to ignore it do not enter Crown Point Shores Park from Crown Point Shores Drive until you reach Lamont Street as this is one of the bad turns.)
Take I-5 North, and follow the directions immediately above, “From Interstate 5 Northbound”. This route avoids at least one difficult turn for long trailers.

Here’s a Google Map for your convenience


COACHES LAUNCHES are permitted on the course during practice, subject to the rules and traffic patterns. The Crew Classic does not offer launches for hire.

  • Launches may not be launched from the shell launching areas but may be launched in the north cove, along the fence.
  • As a courtesy to all competitors, it is requested that coaching launches refrain from motoring within the race course during practice sessions on Friday.
  • To keep the beach clear for shell traffic, return launches to trailers by Friday evening and keep them there for the weekend.
  • Loose or unattended launches will be impounded at 4:30 am Saturday.

Park Rules: Competitors/Coaches

Please be aware that most of these are enforced by the City of San Diego Park Rangers and Police Department; Mission Bay Park is a City of San Diego park.


  • Participants in the races (CREWS) are issued wristbands and parking passes by their COACHES. The coaches receive these wristbands and parking passes when they check in on their arrival at the Crew Classic.
  • CREW assigned parking is in the North (Yellow) paved lot. The parking passes are yellow. Only vehicles with these passes may park free in the CREW lot and EVERY person in the vehicle must have a wristband. A trailer with rowing shells must park in the dirt lot only or on the “road closed” area when directed to do so. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Parking passes and wristbands may only be obtained from the coach. If no one in the vehicle has a wristband, then one person may enter the venue to find the coach or the coach may enter to properly check in. Without a pass, a vehicle must park on the street and send someone with a wristband into the venue to find the coach. NO EXCEPTIONS

General Park Rules

  • Everyone pays to park and enter the event unless they have a pass, or are on the Valet list. A free shuttle is available from Ski Beach at Vacation Isle.
  • NO BIKES (lock them to the outside of the fence).
  • NO SKATES (may carry them over your shoulders if you have other shoes).
  • NO DOGS or other pets (except service dogs) in city parks, including parking lot
  • NO ALCOHOL, except in the designated areas– This is a City ordinance which will be enforced by Park Rangers and Police Officers who are required to be on site during the event. No alcohol may be brought into the event venue or consumed in the parking lots.
  • NO SMOKING in any City of San Diego park, including parking lots.
  • Zero tolerance for pranks, including removing decorations and other goods.
  • NO POP-UP OR OTHER KINDS OF TENTS INSIDE THE VENUE except those specifically authorized by the Crew Classic.
  • Nothing can be tied to anything in the park. Nothing can be put in the ground. No banners on trees or buildings. NO STAKES IN THE GROUND.

Coaches Information

Information and links will be updated as the regatta approaches.  

Coxswains Check List
Traffic Pattern in the area of the Crew Classic Course for all of Mission Bay during Crew Classic Week.
Directions for trailer drivers.

ONLY THE COACH OR TEAM REPRESENTATIVE OF RECORD may pick up the packet for his/her crew at the Information Center. It contains wristbands that serve as entry passes, parking passes, maps of Mission Bay, a final schedule, WHERE YOU CAN PUT YOUR SHELLS ON THE BEACH, etc.

Packets will be available to those who have met the following conditions:

  • Trophy, if won last year, return no later than noon Saturday. A team will not be allowed to check in or race if their trophy has not been returned.
  • Payment of all required entry fees, including penalty fees for late entries.
  • Verification of eligibility for collegiate and club athletes.
  • Confirmation of age and date of birth for junior and master athletes.