Volunteers Shape the Regatta

Volunteering for the San Diego Crew Classic is a rewarding experience in which volunteers get to actively be a part of the West Coast’s largest and longest-running regatta. We rely on hundreds of members of the community to create the best competitive and spectating opportunities for our athletes and their supporters.

We’re in need of volunteers who are available before, during and after the regatta. No experience is necessary for you to volunteer with us! However you must be at least 14 years old to volunteer. You’ll need a valid e-mail address and access to the internet to register. Volunteers should note that this is an outdoor event, and almost all of our positions involve at least some time exposed to the sun (or rain!). Volunteers should bring sunscreen and appropriate clothing and footwear.

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Contact the Volunteer Coordinator with any questions at volunteer@crewclassic.org.

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Volunteer Positions

some of the jobs we need help with at the regatta

we need help before, during, and after the regatta. There are additional positions not listed here including setup and teardown of the venue.

Golf Cart Driver

Operate a golf cart and walkie-talkie, and respond to calls as needed. Job tasks may include lifting 25+ pounds. 18+ only.

Boat Drivers

Safely transport regatta personnel on the water. Valid boating license required. 18+ only.


Moving/transporting people and things on and around the grounds, or acquiring supplies off-venue. Requires a valid driver’s license. 21+ preferred.


Direct and accompany winning crews to the awards paddock for awarding of trophy and medals. Must be outgoing, assertive, and friendly in crew interactions to ensure teams arrive at the paddock on time and awards presentations stay on schedule. Requires use of a walkie-talkie and standing/walking for extended periods of time.

Awards Paddock

Facilitate the timely and organized entry of the winning crew into the winners’ chute, crew announcement and presentation, and exit from the trophy stage.

Hospitality Tents

Help our VIP guests navigate our hospitality spaces by checking people in, administering wrist bands, answering questions, and selling food and drink tickets. Requires use of iPad/tablet technology.

Regatta Gate & Tickets

Welcome guests and spectator to the regatta at the front gates. Requires good communication, organizational skills, and the use of touchscreen technology.

Volunteer Check-In

Welcome fellow volunteers and help them locate their assignments and team leads on the grounds.

Registration Tent

Work directly with coaches and competitors to distribute regatta information, answer questions, and troubleshoot during the regatta. Must possess good communication and organizational skills.

Beach Masters

Facilitate and regulate boat launching and landing on the beach before and after racing. Beach masters will help ensure that all boats satisfy regatta rules with all required identifiers such as: bow numbers, bow balls, regatta stickers, etc. No experience necessary. Requires extended periods of standing/walking, and may require getting sandy and/or wet.

Finish Line

Help signal the finish of the race by either using an air horn and/or raising and lowering the finish flag. Requires visual acuity, standing, and ability to lift items overhead.

Stake Boat Holder

Hold the stern tips of boats from a platform at the starting line to ensure a fair and even start for each race. Requires use of a radio headset and ability to lay on stomach with arms outstretched for periods of time. 

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Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@crewclassic.org

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