Volunteering for the San Diego Crew Classic is a rewarding experience in which volunteers get to actively be a part of the West Coast’s largest and longest-running regatta. Getting athletes to the start line safely is our responsibility, but crossing the finish line is up to them.


We’re in need of volunteers who are available before, during and after the regatta. We encourage everyone with an interest in the sport to sign up. You must be at least 14 years old to volunteer. You’ll need a valid e-mail address and access to the internet to register.

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Do not hesitate to contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@crewclassic.org.

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On The Shore and On The Water

Trophies: (Several volunteers per shift) Work in teams of three people to keep track of the winning crew from the finish line to the shore and bring them to the trophy tent for presentation of medals and trophy. Fast paced and sometimes hectic, must be friendly, outgoing and assertive in your persuasion with the crews and their coach/coxswain. Will use a walkie-talkie and keep in contact with the trophy tent to keep updated on the winning crew’s whereabouts and arrival to the tent. Will be working in the full sun, so please wear a hat and sunscreen; comfortable shoes are highly recommended as you will be on the beach, in the sand, and on grass.

Beach Masters: (Several volunteers per shift) Be part of the team that ensures boats get launched and retrieved with all necessary equipment and identifiers including bow numbers and bow balls, race and lane number stickers, etc. This is the heart of the action. New volunteers welcome! Must wear shoes/clothes that can get wet/sandy.

Finish Line: (2-4 volunteers per shift) Horn-blower and flag waiver (involves heavy lifting of a tall flag after each boat crosses the finish line).

Finish Line Timing: (2-4 volunteers per shift) Requires use of regatta technology to clock timing of each event. Would prefer individuals who could fill more than one shift throughout the weekend.

Stake Boat Holder: (14-16 volunteers per shift) Requires laying down and holding boats at the start.  This is a great position for HS students. 

Volunteer Check-In: (2-4 volunteers per shift) South Gate support. Assist Volunteer Coordinator in administrative efforts, welcome volunteers.


Procurement: Before the regatta, a few volunteers to procure donations of food – sandwiches, meals, snacks, drinks  etc for the volunteers. Feeding 400 hungry volunteers is no small feat, and so important.

Runners: (3-5 volunteers) This job role requires someone with a legal valid drivers license. You would be the runner for volunteers and referees. This could require transportation of individuals, items, or running items on the grounds.

Golf Cart Driver: (1-2 volunteers per shift) Operate a golf cart and walkie-talkie, and respond to calls as needed. Job tasks may include lifting.

Boat Drivers: You will have the responsibility of safely escorting personnel around mission bay while staying mindful of the hundreds of rowers on the water at all times.

Raffle Tickets: (2-3 volunteers per shift) Sell raffle tickets for a Concept2 workout machine.

Register To Volunteer

Do not hesitate to contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@crewclassic.org.

Volunteer Signup Form