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Vendor Row

Vendor registration for 2024 is now CLOSED.

Corporations and Vendors are invited to join us at the San Diego Crew Classic to cheer on competitors and interact with their supporters. Vendor Row is the place to be during the regatta—you’ll have easy access to the course and can enjoy hospitality and camaraderie.

Vendor row is the most highly trafficked area of the regatta, connecting the athlete area to the hospitality spaces. Vendors will be in the center of the grounds, proximal to VIP tents, restrooms, the beer garden, food trucks and Jumbotron.

Food Trucks:  The Crew Classic does not currently allow any food  or beverage items to be sold from our vendor tents. We offer a limited quantity of food truck slots for our event distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are a food truck vendor interested in participating in our event, please email  or use the Food Truck Form below to register.

Vendor Form
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Food Trucks

Food truck registration for 2024 is now CLOSED.

The Crew Classic is proud to support local San Diego food and beverage vendors by offering a food truck assemblage during our annual three-day event. Thousands of competitors and their supporters fill the shores of Mission Bay each spring to enjoy our iconic beachfront venue and participate in one of the largest rowing events in the world.
Rowers are notoriously big eaters, and keep our food truck vendors busy from Friday morning all the way through the end of the regatta on Sunday. We accept food vendors of every type and background–coffee, smoothies, all types of cuisine, ice cream and snacks–whatever your specialty, there is a place for you at the Crew Classic.

To be added to the 2024 invitation list, please email:

Food Truck Form
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Past Food Truck Participants

Alumni Row

Alumni tent registration for 2024 is now CLOSED.

The Alumni tents are one of the crowning jewels of the San Diego Crew Classic. Teams come every year to watch their collegiate, junior or club teams race from the shade of our beachside tents positioned along the shoreline of the race course. Supporters can view racing, play in the sand, and enjoy hospitality and camaraderie with alumni, teammates, friends and family.

Near Alumni Row you’ll also find the food trucks, beer garden, restrooms and the Jumbotron showing the races from start to finish.

Alumni Tent Form
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Alumni Tent Costs

Tents closer to the finish line are priced higher (area A is closest). Tents come in 20’ x 20’ sections, listed prices are for 20×20, 40×20 and 60×20.  Private tents are not permitted.

  • Area A – $2100 | $3100 | $3750 (limited to 9 sections) 
  • Area B – $1600 | $2550 | $3250 (limited to 9 sections) 
  • Area C – $1300 | $2250 | $3000


Firm enforcement of city laws by the City of San Diego is anticipated. Selling food to the general public on-site is not allowed. City ordinance prohibits the use of glass containers of any kind. Privately retained food service vendors and/or caterers require additional paperwork including providing certificates of insurance, and food service permit numbers.

Team Flags

You may fly your team’s flag above your tent to add some color and spirit to Alumni Row. This will also make your tent easier to find. Send us your flag and we’ll make sure it flies above your team tent during the regatta.


The City of San Diego prohibits alcohol at city beaches and adjacent parks. We are able to provide alcohol within specified and approved regatta hospitality areas only. Providing or consuming your own alcohol is not permitted and could result in your removal from the regatta.


Grills must be reserved with Bright Party Rentals. Full details available on the Alumni Tent Form.


Parking near the venue gates is first come, first served. NO cars or trucks will be allowed inside the event. We will have golf carts on site that will be available for use for setup on Friday. Free parking is available at Ski Beach, just south of Crown Point, with free shuttle transportation to and from the Regatta venue.


In the event you have arranged for sponsors to cover alumni tent expenses and you wish to display sponsorship signage, approval is required in advance. Please contact the San Diego Crew Classic Office at 619-225-0300 or at


Please help us maintain our good standing with the San Diego Parks & Rec Department by leaving us with a clean site. Be sure to leave your area clean, with all trash and recycling properly discarded. There will be a $500.00 clean-up charge for areas left untidy (determined at our discretion upon inspection by 5 PM Sunday at the end of the regatta).

Past Alumni Row Participants